Value: 1 INC (Indiya Coin) = 1 INR (Indian Rupees)

Indiya Coin was introduced in early 2020. It was designed to be simple, transparent and reliable stablecoin.

INC Stablecoin to Indian Rupee

Who's using Indiya Coin ?

Financial Services

Enter crypto markets without immediate exposure to BTC or ETH. Receipts and proof of ownership for your INC tokens


Offer customers a stablecoin they can trust. Use INC as an alternative to traditional currency purchase methods

Crypto Traders

Hedge against volatility in the crypto market. Move money into crypto without immediate exposure to BTC or ETH


Online purchases, salaries, escrow, and loans are enabled through price stability, enabling the mainstream adoption of digital currencies


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Audit Certificate

Indiya Coin is audited and certified.

Public Chain

INC is live on + EthereumChain, TronChain, BinanceSmartChain

Currency should be...

Indiya Coin is the trading name of Ario Holdings (LLC) Ltd., which is the holder of a Major Payment Institution license for e-money issuance under the Payment Services Act.